Bunion Treatments


Bunion Treatment in Houston, TX


What Causes a Bunion?

One of the most common foot disorders we treat at the office of Dr. Ava Washko is bunions. Although anyone can suffer from bunions, they are most common in women who wear tight, narrow shoes. Over time, bunions can cause your big toe’s metatarsophalangeal joint to protrude and enlarge. Bunions can be congenital or be acquired over time.

A few signs of bunions include the following:

  • Wearing any type of shoes can be painful
  • Walking hurts as the enlarged joint flexes
  • The skin on the bottom of your foot is painful
  • You may develop arthritis or experience chronic pain

There are many different ways to treat bunions, although if more comfortable shoes do not help to relieve the pressure, you may need to turn to medications or surgical treatment. If you are interested in learning more about bunion treatment or surgery, contact our office at (832) 644-9798 to speak with our Houston podiatrist!